Doctorate at the Technical University of Munich

Doctoral candidates at TUM work on challenging academic questions, and are supported by prominent researchers. TUM Graduate School encourages an environment in which academic knowledge and professional qualification are perfectly interwoven. On the following pages, you will find all the information you need about doing a doctorate at TUM.

This semester’s focus: The Balancing Act

The TUM Graduate School offers a wide range of courses that support you as a doctoral candidate to further develop your transferable skills and expand your interdisciplinary experience. Finding ways to create a wholesome work-life balance is essential to stay healthy and productive – not only during your doctorate. In this semester, we therefore offer several courses, such as Stress Release for the Scientific-Minded, Back training – just do it! or The Balanced Researcher, that will support you to find your very own balance.

At the same time we created an overview on (counselling) services, which are available to you as doctoral candidates of TUM and shall ensure your well-being also after work. We wish you a successful winter semester 2018/19 and are happy to provide further information!