Talking Science 2017 - Neuro Science Event for Doctoral Candidates


Talking Science is a unique opportunity to meet and talk about neuroscience with a leading researcher in an informal atmosphere - a two-day program for the PhD students of LMU, TUM, and the MPIs.

The event will take place from 20-21 December 2017 at the LMU Biocenter. The program consists of two talks and round table discussions on science and life in science.

Guest Speaker

This year's guest is Christof Koch, President and Chief Scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle.

Christof Koch's interests are in experimental, computational and theoretical neuroscience, with an emphasis on understanding the neural basis for consciousness, the biophysical mechanisms underlying neural computations and the role and mechanisms of selective visual attention. He is also a prolific author of books for both scientists and the general public, among them Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist and The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach, as well as the widely-used textbook Biophysics of Computation.


  • Wednesday, 20.12. at 18:30 LMU Biocentre B01.019 Julius Bernstein Lecture: Consciousness and its Physical Basis
  • Thursday, 21.12. at 11:00 LMU Biocentre D00.003 Lecture and discussion: Big Science, Team Science and Open Science in the Service of Neuroscience
  • Thursday, 21.12. at 14:00 LMU Biocentre Round table discussions


For detailed information and registration, please visit the official Talking Science website.