TUM Graduate Council - Supervisory Award


Nominate your supervisor and earn 5000€ for your chair! (Deadline: 28.02.2018)

Nomination Procedure

To nomination/selection procedure is structured in three steps:

  1. The nominating PhD student submits the name of his or her supervisor in an informal email to the manager of the associated graduate centre. All submissions are forwarded to the corresponding doctoral representatives.

  2. The doctoral representative of each graduate centre together with all nominating PhDs discuss all nominated supervisors and submit one nomination (based on the criteria below) to the spokesperson of the Graduate Council (GC) using the attached form.

  3. The working group supervision of the Graduate Council reviews the submissions from all graduate centres and presents them at a plenary meeting of the GC. The GC will vote on all submissions. If none of the nominations receives an absolute majority, a run-off ballot is hold.


The nominations by the PhD students must be submitted to the graduate centre’s manager by 28.02.2018. Each graduate centre must submit their nominations to the GC by 30.04.2018. The final decision by the GC will take place in May/June 2018. The award will be presented to the selected supervisor at the Dies academicus in December 2018.


The Graduate Council has released a position on good doctoral supervision where the expectations of PhD students are summarized. Besides the points mentioned in this document, the evaluation will also consider additional criteria (see attachment for details) and a written reasoning by PhD students.

Who can be nominated?

Every employee of TUM at post-doc or professors level who is actively supervising PhD students where at least one of them is a member of the GS. A supervisor can only be nominated once.

What is the prize?

A prize of 5000€, funded by the TUM Graduate School, will be awarded to the successful supervisor. However, the supervisor must spend this to the benefit of his or her PhD students, e.g. infrastructure at the chair, social activities. In addition, a certificate will be presented the supervisor at the Dies academicus by the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann.


For any questions or further information regarding the award, please contact the Graduate Council Speakers.

Nomination documents