Imperial-TUM Global Fellows Program (Image: Fotolia/TUM-GS)

ICL-TUM Global Fellows Program

Since 2017 the Graduate Schools at Imperial College London (ICL) and TUM are collaborating to deliver the Imperial-TUM Global Fellows Programme: Cities of the Future.

The 5 days program focuses on professional skills training and collaboration activities under the academic theme of "Cities of the Future". Designed for 50 doctoral candidates from all disciplines, the Summer School will also allow participants to develop their experience of working in intercultural teams and to develop their research and collaborative skills within an international context, as well as benefitting from insights of leading researchers.

Academic Theme: Cities of the Future

Over half the world’s population now live in cities and it is estimated to increase to 66% by 2050[1]. Imagining cities of the future involves considering a wide range of issues and concepts from promoting healthy living to providing healthcare, from ultra-connected homes and businesses to integrated driverless transport and from resource allocation to sustainable living.

The future is urban[2] and this exciting programme will bring together participants from TUM, Imperial College to develop their skills in interdisciplinary collaborative research. Applying knowledge and skills to suggest how cities can develop to improve quality of life for the urban populations of the future.

Doctoral candidates from any discipline are invited to take part and to share their varied expertise during the  program. Each year, the program will highlight different focus areas within "Cities of the Future" and ask participants to develop their collaborative research skills by working together to consider the challenges and opportunities of the Cities of the Future. Researchers will be challenged to assess their intercultural skills and develop their interdisciplinary awareness, examining opportunities to collaborate and develop research.

[1] World Urbanisation Prospects 
[2] Future of cities: an overview of the evidence

ICL-TUM Global Fellows Program 2019

The 3rd ICL-TUM Global Fellows Program will be hosted by the TUM Graduate School in Munich from 1-5 July 2019. Application will open in January/February 2019 and will be announced on this website.