Surviving Complex Projects


Project management often means dealing with complex problems. How do you distinguish the important things from the unimportant? How do you make decisions? How do you act professionally?

The participants will learn the characteristics of complex situations in project management and will be able to use recognized tools for problem solving and decision making. Participants will learn to identify their own behavioral patterns in complex situations and know how to identify practical processes to solve such problems when managinga project.


  • characteristics of complex situations when managing projects
  • typical patterns of dealing with complex situations
  • problem solving techniques
  • decision making techniques
  • structuring and planning with time management and personal management

Participants will have the opportunity to practice on a case, give presentations and use moderation techniques.

Trainer: Dr. Thomas Becker
Date: 01.06.2017, 09:00 – 17:00 & 02.06.2017, 09:00 – 17:00
Financial contribution: 40 EUR
Location: TUM Graduate School, Boltzmannstr. 17, 85748 Garching

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