Munich Colloquium on Technology in Society


The Munich Colloquium on Technology in Society is designed as a series of public lectures. These lectures will be held by defining figures in the area of Science and Technology Studies and explore key issues on the crossroads of science, knowledge, technology, and social life.

Brice Laurent (Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation de Mines ParisTech) European Objects. The Troubled Dreams of Harmonization.

Brice Laurent’s work focuses on the relationships between the making of science and the construction of democratic order. Using an approach based on Science and Technology Studies, his work analyzes the devices that connect research programs, the making of technical objects and the production of various types of publics. The overall objective is to study the formation of political spaces through the analysis of sites (within regulatory, standardization or expertise arenas) where scientific objectivity and democratic legitimacy are questioned. 

When: July 3, 5 p.m.
Where: TUM School Education (Marsstr. 20-22, Panorama Deck, Room 607)

The MCTS is looking forward to welcoming you!