10.12.2018: AdONE Seminar


Prof. Ruud Teunter (U. of Groningen): "Title: Condition-Based Production and Maintenance Planning"

Recent advances in modern sensor techniques have created opportunities for production facilities to improve their operational decision making. Researchers have designed sophisticated condition-based maintenance policies that rely on various types of condition information, providing insights on how to reduce maintenance cost and increase equipment reliability. However, in many real-life systems, maintenance planning has limited flexibility and cannot be done last minute because arranging tools, parts, and technicians takes time.A more flexible operational decision is to adjust the production rate, and in this light, it is rather surprising that to the best of our knowledge, no studies exist that control the equipment's deterioration process by adapting the production rate based on condition information. In my presentation, I will show that doing so can simultaneously reduce maintenance cost and improve production revenues.

Venue: Z 536 (City Campus)

Date: Monday, December 10th, 2018, 14:00