Prof. Dr. Peter Gritzmann

Principal Investigator

Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics
Technical University of Munich
Boltzmannstr. 3, 85747 Garching


  • Dissertation 1980, Habilitation 1984, U Siegen
  • 1985-1997: Associate, Full Professor, U Siegen, U Augsburg, U Trier
  • since 1997: Full Professor for Mathematics, TU Munich
  • since 2008: Adjunct Professor for Computer Science, TU Munich
  • Visiting Professor University of Washington, Seattle, USA, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, Université Paris VII

Research interests:

Discrete Mathematics, Applied Geometry and Optimization.

Contact and further information

List of published previous research relevant to AdONE (selection)

Geometric clustering for the consolidation of farmland and woodland (with S. Borgwardt und A. Brieden), Math. Intelligencer, 26 (2014), 37-44.

On optimal weighted balanced clusterings: gravity bodies and power diagrams (with A. Brieden), SIAM J. Discrete Math., 26 (2012), 415-434.

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Constrained minimum-k-star clustering and its application to the consolidation of farmland (with S. Borgwardt and A. Brieden), Operational Research, 11 (2011), 1-17.

On clustering bodies: Geometry and polyhedral approximation (with A. Brieden), Discrete Comp. Geom., 44 (2010), 508-534.

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Minimum cycle bases for network graphs (with F. Berger and S. de Vries). Algorithmica, 40 (2004), 51-62.

Deterministic and randomized polynomial-time approximation of radii (with A. Brieden, R. Kannan, V. Klee, L. Lovász und M. Simonovits), Mathematika, 48 (2001), 63-105.

Approximation of diameters: randomization doesn't help (with A. Brieden, R. Kannan, V. Klee, L. Lovász and M. Simonovits), 1998 IEEE Symp. Found. Computer Sci. (FOCS'98), 244-251.

Grundlagen der Mathematischen Optimierung, Springer, 2013, 525 + 18 pages.