Prof. Dr. MAximilian Schiffer

Principal Investigator

Operations and Supply Chain Management
80333 München
Arcisstr. 21 Deutschland


  • Dissertation 2017, RWTH Aachen University
  • 2018: Postdoc, RWTH Aachen University
  • 2018 & 2019: Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
  • since 2017, Associate Member, GERAD, Canada
  • since 2018: Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, TU Munich

Research interests:

  • Logistics and transportation network design
  • Exact and meta-heuristic algorithms for real-time application
  • Routing algorithms
  • Machine learning and forecasting

Contact and further information

List of published previous research relevant to AdONE (selection)

Schiffer, M. and Walther, G. (2018). An adaptive large neighborhood search for the location-routing problem with intra-route facilities. Transportation Science, 52(2):229–496

Schiffer, M., Schneider, M., Walther, G., and Laporte, G. (2018). Vehicle routing and location-routing with intermediate stops: A review. Transportation Science, (in press)

Schiffer, M., Schneider, M., and Laporte, G. (2018). Designing sustainable mid-haul logistics networks with intra-route multi-resource facilities. European Journal of Operational Research, 265(2):517–532

Schiffer, M. and Walther, G. (2018). Strategic planning of electric logistics fleet networks: A robust location routing approach. Omega, 80:31–42

Scheiper, B., Schiffer, M., andWalther, G. (2018). The flow refueling location problem with load flow control. Omega, (in press)

Schiffer, M. and Walther, G. (2017). The electric location routing problem with time windows and partial recharging. European Journal of Operational Research, 260(3):995–1013

Schiffer, M., Stütz, S., and Walther, G. (2018). Behaviour of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles. Green Energy and Technology., chapter Electric Commercial Vehicles in Mid-Haul Logistics Networks, pages 153–173. Springer, Cham., 1 edition