Prof. Dr. Andreas S. Schulz

Principal Investigator

Operations Research
TUM Department of Mathematics and TUM School of Management
Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich




Research interests:

Theoretical foundations of mathematical optimization (including approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, computational complexity, integer programming, network flows, polyhedral combinatorics, and scheduling theory).

Contact and further information

List of published previous research relevant to AdONE (selection)

A general framework for designing approximation schemes for combinatorial optimization problems with many objectives combined into one (with S. Mittal), Operations Research, 61 (2013), 386-397.

The price of anarchy of the proportional allocation mechanism revisited (with J.R. Correa and N.E. Stier- Moses), In: "Web and Internet Economics," Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8289 (2013), 109-120.

Sharing supermodular costs (with N.A. Uhan), Operations Research, 58 (2010), 1051-1056.

Coordination mechanisms for selfish scheduling (with N. Immorlica, L. Li and V.S. Mirrokni), Theoretical Computer Science, 410 (2009), 1589-1598.

Stochastic online scheduling revisited, In: "Combinatorial Optimization and Applications,'' Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5165 (2008), 448-457.

Fast, fair, and efficient flows in networks (with J.R. Correa and N.E. Stier-Moses), Operations Research, 55 (2007), 215-225.

System-optimal routing of traffic flows with user constraints in networks with congestion (with O.  Jahn, R.H. Möhring and N.E. Stier-Moses), Operations Research, 53 (2005), 600-616.

Selfish routing in capacitated networks (with J.R. Correa and N.E. Stier-Moses), Mathematics of Operations Research, 29 (2004), 961-976.

Solving project scheduling problems by minimum cut computations (with R.H. Möhring, F. Stork and M. Uetz), Management Science, 49 (2003), 330-350.

Approximation in stochastic scheduling: The power of LP-based priority policies (with R.H. Möhring and M. Uetz), Journal of the ACM, 46 (1999), 924-942.