AdONE Retreat 2022

Our latest retreat has taken place in Kochel am See from October 10 to 12, 2022.

The AdONE group came together for an interdisciplinary exchange: all projects were presented, discussed and further developed in intensive collaboration. Our new PhD students have introduced themselves, as well as the individual working groups, who presented an overview about their work for the newcomers. Some PhD students gave a detailed insight into their research work by presenting their projects in progress talks, others presented initial results or even ideas about new projects. Lively and constructive discussions followed the presentations and were later continued in smaller groups. Individual meetings provided the opportunity for more intensive collaboration, brainstorming or discussing in detail doctoral projects and future directions. This year, for the first time, all female AdONE PhD students had the opportunity to talk to the female AdONE professors about gender-relevant topics or the targeted support of women in science as part of the AdONE Women's Mentoring Program.  Finally, two of our alumni joined us to present career opportunities in science or industry. In beautiful autumn weather, we visited the Walchensee hydropower plant, where sustainable and regional electricity is generated.

Once again, it was a fruitful retreat and we are looking forward to taking many good impulses back to our everyday scientific work.