Information for International Applicants

These pages give you the most important information about your doctorate in Germany.


Citizens of other countries normally need a visa to enter Germany. Depending on your nationality and the length of your stay, though, visa facilitation may be available. [more]

Registering your Address

Regardless of your country of origin, you need to officially register your address in Germany if you are staying in one place for more than 3 months. [more]

Residence Permit

Citizens of foreign countries (with the exception of the EU/EEA) need a valid residence permit for the duration of their doctoral program at TUM. The residence permit includes the purpose and length of the stay. [more]

Work Permit

If you do not have a stipend or a paid position at TUM, you can also support yourself with a job. To do so, you will need a work permit. [more]

Health Insurance

All doctoral candidates (and any accompanying family members) must provide proof of health insurance. [more]

Bringing Your Family

Doctoral candidates can bring their partners and children (under the age of 18) with them to Germany for the duration of the doctoral program. [more]

Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Center of the TUM-GS supports international doctoral candidates in searching for accommodation while they are still abroad. [more]