Webinar Series "Doctorate at TUM"

In October the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) launched its webinar series "Doctorate at TUM". During the interactive courses, the TUM-GS informs (international) applicants and doctoral candidates, inter alia, about the

  • Characteristics and requirements of the TUM Model of Doctoral Education, 
  • Application process and the entry into the Doctoral Candidacy List,
  • Living in the Munich metropolitan area (living expenses, housing, etc.), 
  • Funding opportunities, 
  • … as well as other topics related to the doctorate at TUM and the services of the TUM-GS.

The webinars vary according to the needs of the participants and offer the opportunity for a joint exchange of experiences and topic related questions. The webinar series serves to inform (international) applicants as well as doctoral candidates about the requirements and processes of the doctorate at TUM and the services of the TUM-GS from an early stage on.

The webinars will take place every 2-3 weeks with varying topics. Questions or desired topics are gladly accepted via mail in advance.

Upcoming Webinars

The next webinars are expected to take place in September 2019.

In order to register please let us know your full name, age, nationality as well as your highest academic agree (B.A., M.A., etc.).