General information

For a doctorate with a scholarship, doctoral candidates receive monthly financial support from their scholarship providers. Scholarships are also recommended as a way for guest doctoral candidates to finance a stay at TUM.

TUM Graduate School does not grant any full scholarships, only bridge financing and completion grants. However, doctoral candidates can choose from a wide range of stipends from external providers, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or various foundations. Please note that many of these stipends are bound to specific conditions such as citizenship, religious denomination, field of study or language skills.

The wide range of scholarships and support programs include allowances for living expenses, project support, travel, the completion phase and dissertation printing, as well as prizes and awards.

The easiest way to find an appropriate scholarship is through a scholarship database or a search engine.

TUM-GS Bridge Financing Grant

The TUM-GS Bridge Financing Grant was established to support outstanding graduates of TUM master’s degree programs who plan to embark on doctoral research at TUM. The grant offers financial support between when a candidate starts his/her academic research work immediately after earning the master’s degree and when the actual doctoral financing starts. Applicants are considered for selection based on performance-related criteria and on significant involvement outside their specific disciplines, for example in the social realm. Applications from women, people with migration backgrounds, and people with special personal circumstances are especially welcome.

The grant provides funding of 1,000 euros per month, plus a family supplement of 150 euros per month per child. The grant is provided for a maximum of three months.

Applicants should fulfill the following criteria:

  • completion of an above-average Master's degree from TUM within the last 6 months;
  • a supervision commitment by a TUM professor;
  • a commitment for employment by TUM or a commitment for a scholarship;
  • intention to apply for entry into the doctoral candidacy list (i.e. planning to become a regular doctoral candidate).

You can apply twice a year: until 30 June (grant starting in fall/winter) and 31 January (grant starting in spring/summer). You can download the application form here.

Detailed information can be found in the Bridge Financing Grant info sheet.