Finding Accommodation in the Munich Metropolitan Area

General advise

The majority of undergraduates and graduate students in Munich live in private rooms, shared apartments or their own apartments. Housing in Munich is expensive compared to other German cities, so it is a good idea to start your search for affordable housing early.

Most landlords are interested in long-term tenants. The general rule is: The shorter your stay in Munich, the more difficult it is to find an appartment for rent on the real estate market. Renting an unfurnished appartment from abroad is usually not feasible, because landlords want to get to know their tenants in person before concluding an open-ended tenancy agreement.

You should bring the following documents with you when visiting an appartment:

  • Information about yourself (CV)
  • Copy of your identification document (ID)
  • German citizens: Schufa-Auskunft
  • Proof of income (Scholarship, work contract, payroll) 

We also recommend looking in the suburbs of Munich, since housing is often more affordable there than downtown, and there are usually convenient local public transit connections.

Please research the location of your department and chair ahead of time, since many TUM departments / chairs are not located in downtown Munich, but in Garching and in Freising-Weihenstephan.

Level of rents in Munich

The following tables show which minimum rents you should expect. In the outer areas of Munich, prices for monthly rents start at 500 Euro for a single room. Rooms in a shared apartment are a bit cheaper and start at 350 Euro. Guest doctoral researchers who are looking for short-term renting of furnished apartments will have to pay higher rents.

Please note, in Germany, there are the so-called Kaltmiete ("cold rent") and Warmmiete ("warm rent"). Kaltmiete is the price you pay for the apartment only, whereas Warmmiete includes additional costs like water or heating. Whether Warmmiete includes electricity or internet costs varies widely. Therefore, you should clarify beforehand what is included in the Warmmiete.

Price range: "Kaltmiete" for unfurnished apartments

1-room apartment from ca. 600 EUR
2-room apartment from ca. 900 EUR
3-room apartment from ca. 1100 EUR
4-room apartment from ca. 1300 EUR

Price range: "Warmmiete" for furnished apartments

1-room apartment from ca. 750 EUR
2-room apartment from ca. 1100 EUR
3-room apartment from ca. 1500 EUR
4-room apartment from ca. 1700 EUR

Studentenwerk München (Munich Student Union)

Unlike foreign universities, German universities do not usually have their own student dormitories. In other words, undergraduates and graduate students have to find their own housing. However, as a doctoral candidate you have the option of applying for a room in a dormitory in the Munich Student Union.

Doctoral candidates under the age of 30 who are enrolled at TUM can apply for a spot in any facility. Please contact the Munich Student Union directly for information and to apply.