TUM-GS Internationalization Grant

Doctoral students that are not eligible for the regular internationalization support may apply for the competive TUM-GS Internationalization Grant that entails support of up to 1600€. The grant can be awarded multiple times to the same person but can in total not assign more than 1600€.

Doctoral students with excellent subject matter can apply for the grant for

  • a research stay at a scientific institute or company abroad,
  • the presentation of their scientific results at international conferences and symposia, and
  • the participation in international summer/winter schools, workshops, etc.

You can only apply for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant for planned trips. The grant can not be awarded retroactively.

Your application should include the following information and documents:

  • Application form
  • CV, including the list of publications
  • Cover letter that justifies the application to this grant
  • Supporting letter from the supervisor
  • Invitation letter, acceptance confirmation, etc., if applicible

The grant allocation is done by the TUM-GS board and the Graduate Deans once per quarter. Please send your application with all relevant documents by email to cedosia@in.tum.de until the end of the quarter:

  • 1st quarter - 15.03.
  • 2nd quarter - 15.06.
  • 3rd quarter - 15.09.
  • 4th quarter - 15.12.