TUM Career Service can help you with many career-related issues (Image: Astrid Eckert)

Career and Continuing Education

The TUM Graduate School and many other TUM institutions offer a broad range of further education courses each semester to help support your professional and personal development as well as life and career planning.


TUM offers a large number of mentoring programs for doctoral candidates and young academics. You can use these offerings to further your personal development, discover new competences and expand your personal network. In addition to the general mentoring program, the Mentoring for Scientists program is especially recommended for doctoral candidates. Mentoring for Scientists brings international research alumni and visiting scholars together with young doctoral candidates and postdocs at TUM. The main focus is on a transfer of experience and personal interactions between researchers at various career levels.


Members of the TUM-GS can take advantage of the TUM.Diversity coaching service free of charge. Coaching is advising that is offered for a specific period of time, covering professional or doctorate-related questions and conflicts. The coach helps you realize a goal, solve a problem, or improve your learning and performance. Advice is provided in one-on-one sessions by professional non-TUM coaches. The following are some possible reasons for using coaching: personal motivation profile for management and leadership tasks, work-life balance, dealing with stress and a high level of work, etc. TUM.Diversity will put you in contact with a coach. TUM finances up to four hours of coaching.

TUM Alumni and Career

The TUM Career Service offers all TUM undergraduates and graduate students a wide range of individual advising services and events relating to applications, job searches and career orientation. In addition to the Career Days, which take place every semester at all three TUM sites, you can use “walk-in advising” to clarify initial questions about your career start, or have your application materials reviewed using the online application check. More information about careers and applications can be found on the TUM alumni and career web page.

Careers in Academia

If you are interested in pursuing a career at a university or research institution, you should lay the groundwork for this during the final phase of your doctorate. The TUM Talent Factory can help you build your academic career at TUM. It offers various informational events and advising services about financing, applications and much more.

Carl von Linde-Akademie

Through the Carl von Linde-Akademie, the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) offers courses for acquiring the following key competences: systematic thinking, innovation & risk, ethics & responsibility, cultural competence, information & communication, personality & self-management. As a member of the TUM Graduate School, you can take part in the courses in the university student program free of charge. Information about current offerings and about registering can be found on the Carl von Linde-Akademie website.