Financial Support

The TUM Graduate School and other TUM institutions offer a wide range of financial support services for doctoral candidates with families, disabilities and/or chronic illnesses, emergency funds, etc.

TUM-GS Degree Completion Grant

With the TUM-GS Degree Completion Grant, the TUM-GS supports doctoral candidates in every field of research during the final phase of the doctorate. This grant is particularly meant to support doctoral candidates whose doctorate has been delayed by pregnancy, parental leave, child care, severe illness/disability, caring for family members, or volunteer commitments.

The typ and the amount of the grant vary according to your current source of funding (whether you are employed by TUM or are a scholarship holder).   

More information can be found in the respective information sheets: 

  • Information for doctoral candidates with TUM employment 
  • Information for doctoral candidates without TUM employment (e.g. scholarship holder) 

Diversity Supplement Travel Grant

The TUM-GS Diversity Supplement Travel Grant supports specialized foreign stays by doctoral candidates who have family obligations and/or special health or other needs. The Diversity Supplement Travel Grant is a supplement for travel costs incurred for family members (e.g. a child/children) of doctoral candidates who must accompany the student due to special circumstances. The supplement can also be requested by doctoral candidates who expect to pay significant additional costs for the trip due to a physical disability or other special circumstances.

The grant can reimburse up to 500 euros per trip for incurred travel costs, e.g. a plane ticket for a child/children and/or childcare costs on site. Requests can be submitted to the TUM-GS any time before the start of a trip.

More information can be found on the information sheet TUM-GS Diversity Supplement Travel Grant.

Emergency Fund

The TUM-GS emergency fund helps doctoral candidates who unexpectedly find themselves in financial distress, through no fault of their own, and whose completion of the doctorate is severely threatened. Contact: Ms Kathrin Schmidt (