Dates and Registration

Opening of registration

Registration will open about 8 weeks prior to the actual event.

All TUM-GS Kick-off Seminars take place at the TUM Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach. After extensive refurbishment, the late-baroque prelate building of the monastery has become a center of international scientific exchange. On around 1,000 square meter, the center offers seminar rooms for scientists, employees and students of TUM.

Upcoming Kick-Off Seminars

25.03.-27.03.2019 Science Slam Prof. Dr. Edgar Grande closed
27.03.-29.03.2019 Science Slam Dr. Sebastian Spörer closed
08.04.-10.04.2019 Historical Tour Dr. Renzo Vitale closed
10.04.-12.04.2019 Music-based team-building Hedwig Bäcker and Claudia Sterzer closed
06.05.-08.05.2019 Historical Tour Dr. Harald Oberhofer closed
08.05.-10.05.2019 Science Slam Clemens Graf von Hoyos closed
11.-13.06.2019 (Tues-Thurs) Discussion Prof. Dr. Ernst Rank closed
13.-15.06.2019 (Thurs-Sat) Music-based team-building Prof. Dr. Philipp Benz closed
22.07.-24.07.2019 Historical Tour Dr. Eva Sandmann opens on 27.05.2019
18.09.-20.09.2019 Science Slam Prof. Dr. Annette Menzel opens on 24.07.2019
14.10.-16.10.2019 Historical Tour Prof. Dr. Tim Büthe opens on 19.08.2019
16.10.-18.10.2019 Historical Tour Prof. Dr. Elke Nagel opens on 19.08.2019
11.11.-13.11.2019 Science Slam Axel Haug opens on 16.09.2019
13.11.-15.11.2019 Historical Tour Prof. Dr. Benedikt Boucsein opens on 16.09.2019
02.12.-04.12.2019 Science Slam Prof. Dr. Christian Kühn opens on 07.10.2019
04.12.-06.12.2019 Music-based team-building Dr. Rainer Kallenborn opens on 07.10.2019


Please use your personal DocGS account to register. Your DocGS account includes a “Kick-Off Seminar” link where you can register for the seminar.

Please note: In order to register for the Kick-Off Seminar, you must be a member or temporary member of the TUM-GS!