Speech from Prof. Nils Thuerey at the Kick-Off Seminar, TUM Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach (Image: Andreas Heddergott)

Dates and Registration

Upcoming Kick-Off Seminars

13.02.-15.02.2017 Frauenchiemsee Prof. Michael Krautblatter fully booked
20.03.-22.03.2017 Frauenchiemsee Prof. Oliver Alexy fully booked
03.04.-05.04.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Simon Hegelich fully booked
05.04.-07.04.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Werner Lang fully booked
08.05.-10.05.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Jörg Königstorfer fully booked
10.05.-12.05.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Dominik Hammer fully booked
19.06.-21.06.2017 Raitenhaslach Dr. Javier Villalba Diez fully booked
21.06.-23.06.2017 Raitenhaslach Dr. Andreas Schumacher fully booked
17.07.-19.07.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Thomas Wunderlich fully booked
19.07.-21.07.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Ursula Münch fully booked
06.09.-08.09.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Philipp Benz fully booked
09.10.-11.10.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz fully booked
11.10.-13.10.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Thomas Brück fully booked
13.11.-15.11.2017 Raitenhaslach Andreas Berger (Allianz, Board of Management) register
15.11.-17.11.2017 Raitenhaslach Dr. Petra Liedl register
04.12.-06.12.2017 Raitenhaslach Prof. Julien Gagneur upcoming


Please use your personal DocGS account to register. Your DocGS account includes a “Kick-Off Seminar” link where you can register for the seminar.

Please note: In order to register for the Kick-Off Seminar, you must be a member or temporary member of the TUM-GS!