Transferable Skills Training

The TUM Graduate School offers a wide range of courses that support you as a doctoral candidate to further develop your transferable skills and expand your interdisciplinary experience. The courses are designed as an additional qualification during your doctorate and offer valuable orientation for your next career steps. 

This Semester’s Focus: Science Communication

In the academic world, science communication is indispensable. But also in non-academic environments it is becoming increasingly important.  It is no longer only about sharing research results with colleagues from familiar fields during a conference. Science communication now comprises a growing number of communication channels and a diverse audience.

In order to communicate science, researchers need to adapt information to a specific target group and they have to choose their communication channels accordingly. Successful academic research requires society’s trust in researchers and communicating science can help scientists earn that confidence. Therefore, researchers need to be able to explain their projects, their results and the necessity of their work to a non-scientific community.

An outstanding example of the need and the variety of science communication was given during the outbreak of the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Researchers had to work together across borders and disciplines, they had to consult politicians and further, they had to pass on information to the non-academic public.

In addition to our well-established courses, our offerings cover the following subjects:

  • Tools for Interdisciplinary Scientific Communication
  • Communication Into the Scientific Community: Paper Writing
  • #Science: How to Communicate Your Science in Social Media and Public Talks
  • Storytelling and Science: What’s Your (Research) Story?
  • Argumentation in Scientific Writing
  • Multimedia Blogging as a Conference Format

… and many more.

Important Information on the Course Registration

From now on, our courses will open for registration gradually during the semester. This means that it is possible to register 8 weeks prior to a course start via DocGS. Please have a look at our website to see our full program or download our flyer. By subscribing to the TUM-GS Newsletter, you will be regularly informed about the opening of new courses.

The number of courses you can book is limited to 4 courses (including bookings on the waiting list). Once you have reached your limit, any additional courses will be marked as "not bookable". 

Should you be unable to attend the course, it is possible to cancel your registration free of charge up to four weeks prior to the course start. We kindly ask you to honor this deadline as your fellow doctoral candidates may be on the waiting list hoping for an opening.

We appreciate your cooperation and wish you a successful and safe Winter Semester 2020/21!

In order to respond to the changing situation, we reserve the right to change face-to-face offers into online courses – or, if that should not be possible, to cancel the course in question.