Energy and Food — 4th Interdisciplinary Winter School 2020

This Winter School builds on the previous one „Food and Energy“ in 2019. While the first Winter School focused on plants‘ needs, the analysis of the supply chain and the consumption patterns as well as on food waste, the emphasis is now on ecological and energy related questions.

Is vertical farming in fact a sustainable way for food production in big cities and dense agglomerations? Proponents highlight the large-scale food production in high-rises throughout the year, using less resources due to direct sales, the multiplication use of square meter and the minimization of water requirements. Opponents argue that the energy use and costs for lighting, heating and cooling as well as power and watering go beyond the numbers compared to traditional farms. Furthermore, meeting the energy demand with renewable energy would mean a huge area for e.g. photovoltaics or wind. To get a reliable basis for an evaluation of this farming technique, we will take into account energy and water consumption and the CO2 emissions for the whole process chain regarding plant types and cultivation systems, dependent upon cultural and consumption habits.

  • When: February 16 - 20, 2020
  • Where: Hotel Alpenblick, Ohlstadt
  • Costs: 500 € p.p. (including excursion, board and lodging)
  • Who: up to 30 participants (doctoral candidates; post graduates)
  • Requirements: Interest in sustainable development and energy questions, agriculture, food processing or distribution, interested in energy accounting methods of complex processes
  • Application deadline: December 5th, 2019. Please send your application (including CV & abstract of your research topic) to

If you are interested in more information on the detailed outline of the event including lectures, topics and a tentative schedule please contact