Information for Applicants

The following pages contain all the information you will need to apply for a doctorate (Ph.D.) at TUM.  If you are interested in a Master's degree, please follow the link to the TUM Master's Programs website.

Paths to a Doctorate

There are various paths to a doctorate at TUM that differ in terms of funding and structure. No matter which one you choose, TUM Graduate School always provides you with the ideal environment for your doctorate.


The following pages explain how to apply for a doctorate at TUM, and what prerequisites you will need to fulfill. 


TUM does not charge any tuition fees for a doctorate. Nevertheless, you will need to cover your daily expenses. There are several ways of financing your living expenses during a doctorate.

Welcome Office

The Welcome Office of the TUM Graduate School offers applicants and doctoral candidates from Germany and abroad extensive information about application and admission, the offerings of TUM Graduate School, and life in Munich. 


TUM Graduate School offers advice for applicants and PhD candidates in every phase of the doctoral program. At the same time, other TUM service offices also provide important information about doctorates.

Family & Diversity

TUM supports equal opportunities for men and women; as a family-friendly university, it has a long-term investment in balancing family and career. A broad range of advising and service offerings supports people in all life circumstances.