Recognition of degrees from foreign universities

Applicants with a degree from a foreign university must subject their degrees to an equivalency test. The determination of equivalency with a German degree is made by the Dean’s Office of the responsible institution awarding the doctorate.  

Detailed information can be found on the information sheet "Recognition process for foreign degrees".

The recognition of foreign degrees takes place when you apply for entry into the doctoral candidacy list, using the online platform DocGS. Thus it only takes place once you have concluded a supervision agreement with your supervisor and your Graduate Center.

Certification / Notarization

Please do not submit original documents with your application, only certified copies. TUM will only accept official certifications from public agencies, universities, notaries or embassies. Please take care of these certifications before you arrive in Germany!

Documents issued in a language other than German or English must also be translated and certified by a sworn translator (with an official seal!). In addition, we will always need a certified copy of the original document.

Some countries are subject to special regulations:

  • China
    Certified copies from China must bear the round red stamp and the round embossed stamp of the university or a notary. For a detailed description, please see the information sheet for Chinese applicants.
  • Iran
    The legalisation of documents from Iran has now been completely outsourced to the external service provider VISAMETRIC. You can find corresponding information on the website of the German Embassy.
  • United Kingdom
    For applicants from the UK, we only need certifications from a notary, since universities there do not provide certifications.

All of the important information can be found on the information sheet "Notarization of application documents" displayed on the right-hand side of the screen as well as on the official TUM website.