Paths to a Doctorate

There are various paths to a doctorate at TUM that differ in terms of funding and structure. No matter which one you choose, TUM Graduate School always provides you with the ideal environment for your doctorate.

The TUM model of structure and support for all doctoral projects is exceptional in Germany. It optimally combines the academic freedom and personal responsibility of an individual doctorate with the service and networking offers of a traditional graduate school.


Doctorate as Research Associate

As a research associate, you are employed by TUM and integrated into the research of the department or institute. [more]

Doctorate with Scholarship

As a scholarship holder, you finance your doctorate with a stipend, which in general is granted by domestic or international foundations or other organizations. [more]

Cooperative Doctorate

TUM works closely with Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). In a Cooperative Doctorate, doctoral candidates are jointly supervised by a TUM professor and a UAS professor [more]

External Doctorate

In an external doctorate, you are employed either by an industrial company or a research institution, or you find another source of funding. [more]

Other Options

Guest Doctorate

You can do research at TUM even if you are a doctoral candidate at another university in Germany or abroad. With a guest doctorate, you come to TUM for a limited period of time. [more]

PrepDoc - Preparing for your Doctorate

Are you currently studying at the TUM and would like to explore your options for a doctorate? Each summer semester, TUM-GS hosts the PrepDoc series where TUM Master students get first-hand information on a doctorate at TUM. [more]