Living in the Munich Metropolitan Region

Often described as the “biggest village in Germany" or the “northernmost city of Italy”, Munich is distinguished by a high quality of living and a combination of cosmopolitanism and Bavarian tradition. TUM has major research facilities at three locations in the Munich metropolitan area: Munich City Center, Garching, and Freising. Hence, many doctoral candidates do not live in Munich, but in the surrounding communities.

Cost of Living

Living in Munich is great, but it is also more expensive than other German cities. Learn more about how much things typically cost. [more]

Finding Accommodation

Housing in Munich is in high demand, and scarce. It may take you a while to find housing. What you need to know about looking for accommodation. [more]

Public transit

Local public transit in Munich is so good that you do not really need a car. Still, there are a couple of things to consider. [more]

Recreation and culture

Whether you are looking for sports, culture or beer gardens, Munich offers a huge range of recreational activities. A quick overview of the many offerings. [more]

Living in Garching and Freising

With its sites in Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan, TUM is also represented outside Munich. Living outside the Bavarian capital offers certain advantages. [more]

Public holidays and festivities

Catholic holidays, often celebrated with beautiful ceremonies, are especially important in Bavaria. Life in Munich is shaped by events and festivals all year that illustrate the special character of the season. [more]