Information for Doctoral Candidates

The following pages contain all the information for TUM doctoral candidates regarding registration on the doctoral candidacy list, optional enrollment, thesis submission, qualification program, international funding option and a good deal more about doctoral research at TUM. If you are looking for general information about application process, please visit the section “applicants”.

Administrative Matters

Doctoral programs involve administrative steps, too. In order to keep you from losing your way, we provide helpful information on the following pages.


In addition to your independent research at the department or institute, the TUM Graduate School offers a qualification and further education program that is tailored to your specific needs. 

Good Scientific Practice

Compliance with the principles of good scientific practice is the foundation of scientific work. TUM and the TUM Graduate School help you follow these principles.


Scholarship and research are more international today than ever before. That is why TUM supports early international and intercultural collaboration in research, and the creation of personal and institutional networks.


Doctoral candidates at TUM are required to present their research publicly to experts in the field at least once. Here, you will find more information on the possibilities of publishing.

Graduate Council

At TUM Graduate School, we value the opinions of our doctoral candidates and give them with the Graduate Council a mouthpiece to communicate them publicly. 

Family & Diversity

TUM supports equal opportunities for men and women; as a family-friendly university, it has a long-term investment in balancing family and career. A broad range of advising and service offerings supports people in all life circumstances.


The TUM Graduate School offers advice for applicants and PhD candidates in every phase of the doctoral program. At the same time, other TUM service offices also provide important information about doctorates.