Entry into the Doctoral Candidacy List with DocGS

Once you have filled out the supervision agreement with your supervisor, the next step is to officially apply for entry into the doctoral candidacy list at TUM. You must meet the necessary requirements as per the doctoral regulations. Successful registration means you become a member of the TUM Graduate School and are given the status of “doctoral candidate.”

DocGS is the online platform where you apply for entry into the doctoral candidacy list. Submitting the application with DocGS does not yet make you a member of TUM Graduate School. You only become a member once your materials have been checked and approved by the degree-awarding institution.

DocGS maps the entire doctoral process and supports you through the end of your program. This is where you register for the kick-off seminar and apply for internationalization funding as well as course credits. Of course, all data is handled according to statutory data privacy regulations.

Register here: www.docgs.tum.de

How do I Apply for Entry into the Doctoral Candidacy List?

Depending on your undergraduate degree, you will need to take different steps:

Please do not confuse entry into the doctoral candidacy list with enrollment as a doctoral candidate at TUM! The entry into the doctoral candidacy list is obligatory for all doctoral candidates. Enrolling as a doctoral candidate, on the other hand, is voluntary and will allow you to take advantage of student benefits like the Semesterticket.

A paid position as an academic assistant at TUM does not mean you have automatically been accepted for the doctoral program. In this case, too, you will need to be included on the doctoral candidacy list via DocGS.