Steps for Entry into the Doctoral Candidacy List - German University Degree

  1. Go to the DocGS website at to create your user account and complete your profile.
  2. Choose “Application Doctoral Candidacy List” and enter all the necessary information. Submit the request electronically.
  3. Print the request, which is created in PDF format, and sign it.
  4. Have your supervisor sign the request.
  5. Submit the request together with the following documents, ideally in person, to the Dean’s Office of your school/degree awarding institution:
    • A completed, signed supervision agreement
    • An officially certified copy of your university diploma (no originals)*.
    • An officially certified copy of your final university transcript (no originals)*.
    • An identification document (presented in person or as a copy with the ID number blacked out).
  6. * For applicants with a degree from TUM, it is usually sufficient to present the original transcript to the corresponding Dean’s Office. Please inquire in advance whether the Dean’s Office in your department offers this option.

If you are applying with a diploma from a HAW (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften [University of Applied Sciences]), you will also need proof that you were among the top 10% in your class.

If you are applying with a Bachelor’s degree, you will also need proof that you were among the top 5% in your class and that the program lasted 3 years. Potential doctoral candidates with a BA/BSc degree can only be accepted to structured doctoral programs at TUM.

Next steps

  1. First, the Dean’s Office will formally review your request. If the request is approved, you become a temporary member of the TUM-GS, and you can now take part in the kick-off seminar as well as interdisciplinary courses. .
  2. Next, your materials will also be checked for content. DocGS will let you know whether your request has been approved. If so, you are now a regular member of the TUM-GS.
  3. You can download a PDF of the certificate of inclusion on the doctoral candidacy list from your DocGS account under “My Progress”.
  4. You now have the option of enrolling at TUM.