Submission of dissertation

All doctoral candidates who entered into the Doctoral Candidacy List of their Department after January 1st, 2014, can apply for submission via their DocGS profile. In this case, just click on „Application on submission“ in your DocGS progress tree. It does not matter whether you are doing your doctorate according to the most current version (valid since October 2021) or a previous version (January 2014). Please note that this function will only be available after you have fulfilled all the mandatory elements of TUM-GS. 

Application for submission in DocGS

1. Click on "submission of dissertation" in your DocGS progress tree at the bottom.

2. Fill out your application completely. Please make sure that your personal details are correct (for example your name must be identical to official identification documents).

3. Upload the following documents in PDF format. Please note that the original documents must be additionally submitted to the Center for Study and Teaching - Promotionen.

  • dissertation (with title page in German; for an English translation, see Appendix 4 of the Doctoral Regulations; the date of submission will be completed when submitting the documents at CST)
  • registration of your dissertation for the TUM University Bibliography (therefore you need an abstract of your dissertation, max. 500 characters in German and English). More information can be found on the website of the university:
  • list of previous publications
  • a curriculum vitae in German (listing in particular your educational background)

If applicable:

  • list of prior publications
  • Publication-based dissertation:
  • a) Version of the doctoral regulations valid since October 2021: If you wish to submit a publication-based dissertation, please note the specific guidelines for publication-based dissertations from your degree-awarding institution/School. In addition, a declaration of your own contribution and co-authors is required. It is important that you include the signatures of all co-authors. The document is only exemplary, depending on the number of publications the document can be shortened or expanded. If you have a very large number of co-authors for a publication, in exceptional cases and in consultation with your degree awarding institution/School, you may alternatively request the signatures of the heads of the respective research groups.
  • b) Older Versions of the doctoral regulations: written agreement from your supervisor (see Appendix 6 of the Doctoral Regulations)
  • additional academic degrees (certified document)

4. Please click on „Submit“ and forward your application for submission electronically. If mandatory information is missing, your information will only be saved but not submitted. If you see the following notification and receive an e-mail confirmation too, your application has been successfully submitted.

Submitting the documents at the Center for Study and Teaching - Office of Doctoral Affairs

5.  Your application is now examined by your Dean’s Office/ Graduate Center. As soon as this examination is successful, you will receive an e-mail and are asked to print your application for submission from your DocGS account („My Progress": „Submission of Dissertation“).

6. Make an appointment with the Center for Study and Teaching - Graduation Office and Academic Records, Office of Doctoral Affairs to personally submit your documents.

  • Sabine Selzle
    Phone: +49 89 289 222 69
    By appointment only
    TUM Campus Straubing, TUM School of Management, TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology
  • Ute Stinzel
    Phone: +49 89 289 22248
    Mon to Thur 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
    Department of Chemistry, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Informatics, Department of Mathematics, Physics Department, Department of Sport and Health Sciences, TUM School of Life Sciences
  • Christa Reisenauer
    Phone: +49 89 289 25139
    Mon to Thur 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
    TUM School of Medicine, TUM School of Engineering and Design

7. Hand in your signed application together with the following original documents at the CST - Promotionen:

  • signed registration of your dissertation for the TUM University Bibliography in the original
  • copy of the title page
  • signed sworn statement in German (for an English translation, see Appendix 5 of the Doctoral Regulations)
  • curriculum vitae in German (listing in particular the candidate’s educational background)

If applicable:

Please note that all documents should be submitted to the TUM CST - Office of Doctoral Affairs at least 14 business days before the next council meeting of your degree-awarding institution/department.

Doctoral candidates according to an older version of the Doctoral Regulations

All doctoral candidates who entered into the Doctoral Candidacy List of their Department before January 1st, 2014 will have to get a DocGS account first. Based on your TUM-GS membership status, please follow the steps bellow:

1. TUM-GS members

If you are a member of the TUM Graduate School, we have already created a DocGS user account for you. To activate your account, please login with your e-mail and click on “new password”. The application “submission of dissertation” will be available after you have updated your account profile. Please do not create a new DocGS account! In case of questions about your account, please contact our DocGS Support Team at

2. Doctoral candidates who are not TUM-GS members

Please create a new DocGS user account. The application “submission of dissertation” will be available after you have completed your account profile. 

You will find further information here.