TUM Graduate School Welcome Office

The Welcome Office of the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) offers doctoral applicants and doctoral candidates from Germany and abroad extensive information about application and admission, the offerings of TUM Graduate School, and life in Munich. In order to make things easier for potential doctoral candidates at the start, the Welcome Office also provides information about recognizing foreign university degrees, and offers support for visa and immigration formalities.

Virtual Office Hours

In order to continue offering the best possible support during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Welcome Office offers a virtual office hour via Zoom every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. Contact our Welcome Office via welcomeoffice@gs.tum.de and pre-book your individual time slot.

Before arrival

In order to start your time in Munich as smoothly as possible, please inform yourself about necessary formalities and requirements. [more]

After arrival

There are a couple of things that need to be taken care of during the first days after your arrival in Munich. Besides registration of your address and other formalities, there are also processes that you need to follow at the TUM. [more]​​​​​​​

Life in Munich

TUM is deeply rooted in its Bavarian homeland, the metropolitan area of Munich. The city's economic strength, its multiculturalism and its unique Bavarian jovial attitude, complemented by a strong artistic and cultural identity, makes Munich a top spot to live worldwide. [more] 

Information for guest doctorate

If you are doing your doctorate at another university (either in Germany or abroad), you may also conduct research at the TUM for a limited period of time as a guest doctoral candidate. [more]


Before departure

Your doctoral research is almost completed. Before you leave the university and possibly Munich/Germany altoghether, there are a couple of formalities to take care of before your departure. [more]