Doing a PhD with a Family

A central concern at TUM is developing family-friendly structures that help people balance family, career and research. With its Family Service, TUM thus offers a service that focuses on the needs of students, academics and employees.

Doing a PhD with Children

TUM members can take advantage of childcare services right on campus at all three TUM locations, at university-run daycares and preschools. In addition to this regular childcare, there is also the option of flexible childcare through emergency care services, one-day care and babysitters. The departments have set up parent-child / family rooms at all three locations, to be used by TUM members who want or need to care for their children themselves in case of an emergency. Some of these rooms also offer hourly, flexible outside care during off-peak hours or on days when daycares and preschools are closed. All information about childcare options can be found on the TUM.Family web page.

For school-age children, TUM.Family offers a lively vacation program at all three locations. The current program for your location and additional information can be found on the TUM Holiday Childcare web page.

Caring for family members

Another focus of the TUM Family Service is caring for family members. TUM.Family is available to answer all of your questions about care, and can arrange helpful support services for you.

TUM also partners with an online care portal, ElternService AWO. In addition to comprehensive advice on all types of care, and help with looking for facilities or caretakers, you will also find information about all the relevant legal provisions. Once again, more information is available on the TUM.Family website.