TUM supports worldwide networking among all TUM members and alumni/alumnae. There are a variety of options available for doctoral candidates to build and maintain their own networks and contacts.

TUM Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the mouthpiece for all doctoral candidates at TUM. Each Graduate Center elects two representatives to serve on the Graduate Council, which meets regularly to discuss all of the relevant issues involving doctorates.

TUM Network

On the Alumni & Career pages you will find all of the information about the TUM Network, the community of former TUM members, other alumni associations, and ways to participate.

Alumni to Newbies

In partnership with TUM: Junge Akademie, the TUM-GS puts on a networking event every semester called “Alumni to Newbies.” At this evening event, TUM alumni/alumnae, professors and employees in management positions discuss current topics with undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs. Past topics have included “Careers in academia and industry” and “How important is international experience?”

Research Alumni Network

The TUM Research Alumni Network consists of visiting professors, visiting researchers and postdocs who have spent some amount of time researching at TUM in the last few decades. They are introduced in the research alumni portraits. In addition, the Mentoring for Scientists program offers an opportunity to learn from the experiences of research alumni.

Women of TUM

Women of TUM is a network for female undergraduates, doctoral candidates, scholars and alumnae that supports international exchanges and reciprocal support for women in business and academia.

Groups and Associations

There are various groups and associations at TUM that offer the ideal opportunity to form contacts. For music lovers, the academic orchestra, choirs and bands at Munich’s colleges and universities offer many different ways to participate. Active athletes can enjoy a broad range of programs at Zentraler Hochschulsport (ZHS) (in German only), the university’s central sports facility, which offers courses in 90 different sports every semester. There are also a large number of student initiatives, which focus on social issues, the environment, academic exchanges and international matters, among other things.

Religious Student Groups

Various religious student groups not only hold regular campus worship services, meditation, and advising on various topics, but also organize intercultural dialogues, cultural and sporting events, etc.: Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG [Catholic Student Group]), Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde (EHG [Protestant Student Group]), Verband Jüdischer Studenten in Bayern (VJSB [Association of Jewish Students in Bavaria]), Islamische Hochschulvereinigung (IHV [Islamic University Association]).