Imperial-TUM Global Fellows Program

From 20th - 24th June 2022 the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will host the 2nd  trilateral Global Fellows Program in partnership with Imperial College London (Imperial) and the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore). 

Apply now! Extended application deadline until March 20th, 2022.

The one week program is currently scheduled to take place on the premisses of the TUM in Garching-Forschungszentrum. If the in-person program is cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will work with partners to consider possible alternatives, including remote delivery.

Academic Theme: The role of robotics in well-being and the workplace

In the current scientific environment, international collaborations and networking are the basis for developing successful projects. In a competitive research environment, funding is increasingly drawn to interdisciplinary, collaborative research with partners from around the world. The modern researcher requires both excellence in research and professional skills and competencies.

This exciting program is designed to facilitate participants to actively focus on the development of these professional skills and competencies. Approximately 40 doctoral researchers from Imperial, NTU and TUM will work together to develop professional, research and collaborative skills as well as the intercultural awareness that is required to establish and continue successful collaborations.

During this 5-day interdisciplinary course, participants will work in interdisciplinary and international groups, assisted by a coach from one of the three partner universities. During the program, participants will enhance:

  • Their ability to work collaboratively on research ideas
  • Their ability to network and communicate effectively and with impact in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams
  • Their intercultural and international competency and awareness
  • Their creativity to develop collaborative research ideas
  • Their appreciation of research in international institutions

Participants will also have the opportunity to apply those skills and competencies to address topics under the program theme “The role of robotics in well-being and the workplace”. Robotics, robot alike systems and artificial intelligence not only have in-depth implications for manufacturing and industry but also enable new approaches to tackle societal challenges like aging society and healthcare. Such rapid technological advances also demand continuous adjustments and new approaches to how we deal with disruptions to established patterns in our everyday life and work, as well as how we relate to one another.

During the program, participants will engage in intercultural, interdisciplinary and intersectoral discussions and develop their own creative approaches to handle and use robotics to tackle societal challenges and enhance everyday life and work. Furthermore, guest speakers from Imperial, NTU and TUM will provide participants with insight into current research in (but not limited to) human-robot interaction, the future of work, policy making and ethical aspects of robotics and AI, impact of rapidly advancing technologies on everyday wellbeing, as well as robotic technologies for elderly & health care. 

A background on the subject is not needed. Doctoral candidates from any discipline are invited to apply for the 5-day professional skills course. This is a chance to challenge yourself outside of your normal working environment, meet people from other disciplines and cultures, and have fun!

Application is open to doctoral candidates from all disciplines and TUM departments/schools. Applicants should have a keen interest in the academic theme and be willing to engage with topics and concerns in this area. However an in-depth background in the area is not required

TUM applicants must: 

  • Be a current doctoral candidate at TUM (no guest doctorates)
  • Be a full member of the TUM Graduate School
  • Have already participated in the TUM-GS Kick-off seminar
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have already secured the support for participation from their respective supervisors
  • Be able to participate in the entire one week programm (from Moday morning, 20 June - Friday afternoon, 24 June 2022)  
  • Be willing to share their experiences on the programme with the TUM community

Application is now open until Sunday, March 20th, 2022. 

To apply for the Imperial-TUM-NTU Global Fellows Program 2022, please submit the following documents in English via email to Mrs Zizheng Zhang:

  • Fully completed Imperial-TUM-NTU Global Fellows 2022 Application Form 
  • Short CV - max. 2 pages 
  • Motivation letter outlining why you are applying and your interest in the academic theme (including your expectations and goals for the summer school) - max. 1 page
  • Summary of your doctoral research project - max. 2 pages

Successful applicants will be notified by end of March.

General terms of participation:

Participation is free of charge for TUM doctoral candidates. 

Cancellation of participation are free of charge up to 6 weeks before the start of the summer school. For cancellations after May 8th, 2022, a cancellation fee of 150 euros will apply, in case we cannot find another candidate to fill your spot. If you cancel on the day of the summer school or fail to appear, we will need to charge you the full course fee of 750 euros for the summer school.

In the event of illness, we will waive the cancellation fee. However, please inform us of this no later than 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 19th, 2022 and provide us with a doctor’s letter within 3 days.  

Covid-19 related terms of participation:

While we very much hope that the Global Fellows Program can go ahead in person, international opportunities may continue to be impacted by the pandemic. The situation is fast-moving and dynamic and may require adjustments at short notice. We will continuously monitor the Covid-19 situation over the coming months and will advise and adapt accordingly. The TUM-GS will need to adhere to partner institutions requirements as well as to UK/Singapore international travel restrictions. If we have to cancel the in-person program in Munich, all partner institutions will try to provide a remote alternative. We will keep all participants informed.

In order to comply with safety and travel requirements of our partner institutions, as well as adhere to TUM’s Covid-19 policies and regulations, all participants must be fully vaccinated at the time of program start. As the program week will also include external site visits, all Covid-19 regulations at the time of the program must also be complied with. All participants will need to provide a proof of vaccination 5 days before program start the latest.

Furthermore, all participants may be required to proof that they have tested negative at the beginning of and regularly during the program week. The TUM-GS will provide each participant with sufficient amount of self-testing kits.

Following the remote Global Fellows Program (GFP) in June 2022, participating TUM doctoral candidates have the opportunity to do a research stay at Imperial College London or at the Nanyang Technology University Singapore. To support the accommodation, travel and living expenses in London/Singapore, the TUM Graduate School offers 5 exclusive grants of 800 EUR* for TUM participants of the Imperial-TUM-NTU Global Fellows Program 2022. The research stay may take place any time before the submission of the doctoral thesis.     

In order to apply for the exclusive Research@Global Fellows Grant, please: 

1. Discuss this possibility with your doctoral supervisor and contact a potential host at Imperial/NTU directly.
2. Once you have found a suitable host at Imperial/NTU, please ask him/her for an invitation letter for your intended research stay.  
3. Submit following documents to the TUM-GS Management Office no later than 8 weeks before the intended start date of the research stay:

*It is possible to combine the Research@Global Fellows Grant with other TUM-GS funding options.