Career Goal UAS Professorship

Project Attract2HM

As part of the project "Attract2HM", TUM-GS supports the qualification of doctoral candidates who are interested in pursuing a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences.

Attract2HM is a project at the TUM Graduate School that takes place in cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project’s goal is to make the steps towards a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences for doctoral candidates easier to plan and to put into action. Many doctoral candidates are not aware that becoming a professor at a UAS could be a viable career option for them or they do not know what an application would entail. Within Attract2HM, the TUM Graduate School offers a program helping doctoral candidates on their way to a professorship.

Interested doctoral candidates will get...

  • information about the most important requirements for a professorship at a UAS and what to think about when applying;
  • support in specific workshops that help with career planning and the development of a pertinent profile;
  • assistance by a professional coach who provides help with topics such as decision making, application strategies and training for job interviews;
  • networking opportunities with UAS-professors who offer their expertise and experience within a Mentoring-framework.

Are you interested in the career option of a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences? You can get help with all of your questions around the application and appointment process by contacting the career counseling service. If you do not have any concrete plans yet but are interested in career perspectives outside of the traditional academic path, the career counseling is also open to you.

For an appointment, please contact Dr. Vera Kaulbarsch (