Transferable Skills Training

The TUM Graduate School offers a wide range of courses in six different competence areas that support you as a doctoral candidate to further develop your transferable skills and expand your interdisciplinary experience. The courses are designed as an additional qualification during your doctorate and offer valuable orientation for your next career steps. 

During your doctorate, you learn a variety of skills that are not always apparent at first glance, but are relevant to a variety of career paths both in and out of academia: You do not only work passionately on a topic, conduct research in your field, and learn how to work with data and projects in the process, but also develop innovative solutions to existing problems. Appropriate addressee-oriented communication, but also first experiences in the field of leadership are further relevant aspects. 

In this context, it is important to know which competencies are essential for different career paths, how you can recognize your own strengths and, above all, how you can use these for yourself in your development and planning of your own career. For this purpose, our courses "Career Planning", "My Competence Profile: Identifying and Targeting Strengths" and "Personal Branding", for example, provide valuable assistance. Through this annual focus and our diverse range of courses, we also want to offer support in finding out for yourself what kind of institution - whether in academia, industry or any other sector - best suits your personality, circumstances and aspirations. Courses such as "Pathways in and out of Science," as well as "Essential Skills for a Career in Industry" will be offered in our program for this purpose.

The process of deciding which direction to actually take is undoubtedly a very personal and usually a lengthy one. With our range of courses, we would like to accompany and support you, the doctoral candidates, in the best possible way.