Eligibility Requirements

The course program is created by the TUM Graduate School to support doctoral candidates in their personal and professional development. The transferable skills courses are a voluntary part of the qualification program of the TUM-GS, but strongly recommended.

  • The 3G requirements have been cancelled in April 2022. This means that it is no longer required to bring vaccination/recovery certificates or negative test results to participate in our face-to-face courses at TUM GS
  • However, if you suffer from a respiratory disease and/or experience symptoms that could indicate a Covid-19 disease (cold, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, etc.), please do not participate in our face-to-face courses. In this case, please contact us before the course starts: courses@gs.tum.de 
  • Mask requirement: Pending further information on the extension of the mask requirement, we refer to the last TUM’s internal communication email and we urgently and emphatically recommend the use of FFP2 masks on all TUM premises where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained as well as in common areas (hallway, toilets, …) 
  • Please try to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between the other course participants
  • Please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly on a regular basis. Sanitizer is available in the seminar rooms as well as in the catering area in the hallway 


The number of participants in the courses is limited. Registrations are considered depending on their date of submission.

Course Registration through your DocGS Account and Booking Limitation 

Unless otherwise stated in the course information, please register in DocGS. Once you have successfully logged in, you will find the menu “Transferable Skills Program” in your personal DocGS account. In this menu field, course registration is possible. Our courses open for registration gradually during the semester. This means, that it is possible to register 8 weeks prior to a course start. 

The number of course bookings per semester is limited to four, including any places on the waiting list. Once you have reached the booking limit, all further courses on DocGS will be marked as "not bookable". Attending the Semester Opening Talk or other Impulse Talks does not count towards the course limitation. This means you can book Talks AND book up to four courses of the transferrable skills training. Once you have reached your limit, any additional courses on the page will be marked as 'not bookable'. To display the courses that are not bookable, please select 'show all' in the filter settings on the top of the page. 

Registration for voluntary TUM-GS members (account provided by the TUM-GS):

The TUM Graduate School already set up an account for you in DocGS. In case you did not activate it yet, please go to the DocGS-Website and click on the “Request new password” link. Please enter your e-mail address with which you are registered in TUM-GS. As soon as the account is set up, please fill out your profile information. Subsequently, course registration is possible.

In case, your email address cannot be found or if other problems should occur, please contact the DocGS support. We are happy to help you.

Important: Please do not set up a new account, only verified members can book courses in DocGS.   

TUM Graduate School covers the expenses for its own transferable skills courses, for which experienced trainers are selected. TUM doctoral candidates only pay a moderate financial contribution. The amount of this financial contribution is mentioned in the respective course description. 

After successful registration for a course offered by TUM-GS, you will receive a confirmation email including our account data. Please transfer the financial contribution within one week after your registration at the latest and send us a proof of payment (e.g. screenshot of the payment receipt) by e-mail to courses@gs.tum.de. Following you will find the payment information: 

Account Holder: TUM Graduate School 

Bank: Bayerische Landesbank München Girozentrale 


IBAN: DE 10 7005 0000 0000 0248 66 

Reference line: PK-Number: 0002.0165.3157, Name Family Name, Title of the course for which you made  the payment  

Please make sure to state this PK number as well as your name and the course title as the reason for payment! 

Please note: If the amount is not credited to our account within one week, we will cancel your registration to allow other interested doctoral candidates to participate in the course. 

In addition to the transferable skills training offered by TUM Graduate School, you can also participate in seminars offered by TUM-internal and external providers. However, TUM-GS does not refund the fees for these courses. 

Should you be unable to attend the course, it is possible to cancel your registration free of charge up to four weeks prior to the course start. We kindly ask you to honor this deadline as your fellow doctoral candidates may be on the waiting list hoping for an open free spot. 

In case you have already paid and are unable to attend the course, you will have the opportunity to use that same amount as a "voucher" to register for any other course in our program during the semester. If you cannot participate in a course on short notice, please note that you are eligible for this voucher only if you submit a medical note within three days after the course start. 

Later cancelations cannot be reimbursed.