Doing Research at TUM

Doctoral candidates at TUM work with internationally recognized experts in the research areas of Natural Science, Engineering, Life Sciences & Health as well as Education & Business.

The scholars at TUM seek to answer the burning questions of our time and are at the top of their specialized fields worldwide. Whether they are performing basic research or working on application interfaces, their research findings help improve our understanding of the world, develop sustainable technologies, and improve our quality of life.

Based on the strength of its research, TUM was awarded the title University of Excellence for its overall concept and development strategy in 2006 and 2012. In addition, TUM has been at the top of German and European universities for more than a decade, according to nearly every international ranking. TUM graduates have an outstanding reputation among employers, and the university is in the top 15 of the Global Employability University Ranking.

TUM is located in the metropolitan region of Munich, one of the leading business and science regions in Europe. Many successful companies with strong research and development activities, as well as renowned research institutions, are based in the region. Get an overview of the research performed at TUM here:

You can find more information about research at the Technical University of Munich on the official TUM YouTube channel.