The Doctoral Process

From international recruitment of new doctoral candidates to submission of the dissertation: This section contains all the important information having to do with the doctoral process.

Admission to Doctorate

Applicants are required to meet certain requirements if they wish to obtain a doctorate. What supervisors should know about the admission criteria of TUM. [more]

International Doctoral Candidates

TUM aims to recruit the best talent from all over the world. If you are supervising international applicants, there are a number of formalities and intercultural aspects you should take into account. [more]

The Doctoral Process

The key elements of earning a doctorate are research and writing the dissertation. The TUM doctoral model of doctoral education adds useful qualification measures to this. [more]

Submission and Examination Committee

The doctoral regulations of TUM set out rules on various things, including the examination process. There are also particularities depending on the specific department. [more]

Legal Matters and Insurance

There are aspects of labor and employment law and insurance regulations that must be taken into account by doctoral candidates and supervisors alike. [more]

Guest Doctorate

Doctoral candidates from other insitutions may also do a research stay at TUM for a limited time period. In order to do so, there are a few administrative steps to consider. [more]