Good Supervision

Based on international “best practice” approaches, the TUM Graduate School supports doctoral candidates and their supervisors with supplementary measures and services. It also offers a framework for the supervisory relationship.

Supervisory Relationship

TUM supports good supervision through an excellent research environment and many supporting measures. [more]

Supervision Agreement

The supervision agreement supports supervisors and doctoral candidates by laying out expectations in transparent form and providing guidance. [more]


In addition to their supervisor, doctoral candidates at TUM also have a mentor. This section provides a brief overview of the role of mentoring. [more]

Feedback Session

The feedback session offers a firm institutional framework for dialogue regarding the doctoral process and paves the way for swift completion of the work involved. [more]

Good Scientific Practice & Plagiarism

TUM views supervisors as being responsible for imparting good scientific practice (GSP) to doctoral candidates and serving as role models in this regard. [mehr]

Diversity Code of Conduct

Pluralism and diversity are the foundation of top academic and scientific accomplishments. See this section for information on what to consider in your hiring decisions and day-to-day work. [more]

Supervisor Training

TUM strives to play a leading role in supporting and developing its personnel. One key element of the support the university provides for junior scholars and scientists is good supervision for doctoral candidates. TUM offers a number of qualification options to achieve this. [more]