Diversity Code of Conduct

From recruiting new doctoral candidates to day-to-day work at the chair, the principles of the TUM Diversity Code of Conduct are also important in doctoral studies.


TUM recognizes the diversity and variety of individual gifts and talents as a particular institutional value. We actively support and promote gender equality and consistently strive to be Germany’s most attractive technical university for women. As a family-friendly university, we make ongoing and sustained investments in ensuring that family life, work and studies are compatible.

The TUM family is founded on mutual support and connections between members across disciplines, nationalities and generations. We view an international approach as forging ties between our home and the world. Based on the freedoms enshrined in the values of an enlightened society, we respect the cultural self-image of people in other areas of the world.

The principles of equal treatment and diversity are set down in the TUM Diversity Code of Conduct.

Personnel Recruitment

TUM takes care to ensure that its activities to recruit and develop personnel are geared toward equal treatment. It emphasizes active recruitment and transparent, performance-based design of job placement and promotion procedures in a spirit of appreciation, coupled with comprehensive monitoring. One goal of the university’s personnel development measures is to establish and maintain leadership cultures that live up to the principles of diversity. TUM actively strives to achieve its overarching and subject-specific objectives in the areas of gender equality and support for families.