Supervision Agreement

Purpose of the Supervision Agreement

Supervision agreements have become established internationally as a standard of quality in doctoral training. They allow you and your doctoral candidates to set out mutual expectations in a transparent form, formulate goals and check whether those goals are met. All doctoral candidates at TUM enter into a supervision agreement with their supervisor.

The supervision agreement is not a binding contract, but rather a document that – in the spirit of a freely undertaken pledge – provides guidance and demands a commitment. With this in mind, it can and should be adapted and amended in the course of the doctoral process. Some elements are designed to be flexible: The synopsis and choice of mentor can typically be submitted as much as six months after a person registers as a doctoral candidate. These rules vary by graduate center.

Entering into a Supervision Agreement

You can find the supervision agreement on the websites of the Graduate Centers. Please note that the templates for the supervision agreement vary between the individual Graduate Centers.

The following elements are included in every supervision agreement:

  • Title and synopsis
  • Timeline
  • Qualification elements
  • Measures to balance work and family

Guidelines for filling out the supervision agreement are found on the supervision agreement and mentoring page (for doctoral candidates).