Legal Matters & Insurance

Please note that the content provided on this page serves only to provide an initial overview of the most important overall legal conditions that apply to doctoral candidates. The content is not legally binding, nor does it purport to be exhaustive. The most recent information is always found on the relevant pages of the TUM service compass. The “Personnel and job management“ section there also includes information having to do with various aspects of the laws applicable to employees, maternity leave, hiring of research and teaching associates, etc. 

Please also note that most of the documents dealing with legal matters are available in German only.

User Agreement

A user agreement governs the gratuitous use of TUM facilities and should be entered into for visiting doctoral candidates and doctoral candidates who are neither employed by TUM nor members of TUM-GS.

For further information on use agreements and relevant samples, please see the service compass -> law and security matters -> use agreement.


It is difficult to impossible to make one-size-fits-all statements in the area of insurance law, since the matter always involves individual cases that need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. From an insurance standpoint, a distinction should always be drawn between the actual writing of the dissertation and the work performed at the chair when considering the activities involved as part of a doctoral process.

Accident Insurance

In principle, doctoral candidates only have accident insurance coverage through Bayerische Landesunfallkasse (LUK) if they are engaged in their activity for the purpose of their doctoral studies within TUM’s organizational sphere of responsibility and there is also an immediate connection in terms of time and location with TUM and its facilities. This means that work on the dissertation should be performed within TUM’s organizational sphere of responsibility (i.e. on TUM premises) and within normal operations.

If it is necessary to work on TUM premises outside of regular working hours, a certificate of authorization is needed. This certificate must be issued by the employee’s supervisor to grant the right to access and be present in certain places on the premises (see Sec. 2 (2) of the TUM house rules). Officially approved TUM events that take place outside regular opening hours are not affected by this rule.

For further information, please see the service compass -> law and security matters -> insurance. Please also see the info sheet for recipients of a scholarship, fellowship or grant

Liability insurance

In terms of liability, a distinction is drawn between doctoral candidates who are employed by TUM and those who are not. In the case of gross negligence, TUM generally assumes liability for TUM employees.

No liability is assumed for doctoral candidates not employed by TUM. As a result, these candidates are strongly urged to take out private liability insurance. It should also be clarified with the insurance provider ahead of time whether there is a guarantee of assumption of liability in the event of damage or losses occurring during lab activities. If not, it is advisable to take out supplementary private lab liability insurance.

For further information, please see the service compass -> law and security matters -> insurance.