Individual funding for doctoral candidates

Doctoral candidates can select from among a large number of possible providers of scholarships, grants and fellowships. While some scholarships, fellowships and grants are awarded according to general criteria, such as subject-specific performance and social involvement, there are also many forms of financing set aside for specific groups of persons (for example, according to discipline, sex or origin). This section offers a short overview of where your doctoral candidates can search for scholarships, fellowships and grants. Please note that completion grants are generally not offered.

Search engines

With the many scholarships, fellowships and grants available, some of them highly specialized, it is easy to lose track. This means that the best starting point for those looking for a scholarship, fellowship or grant is one of the major search engines:

These search engines allow users to select specific selection criteria (for example, by discipline or country of origin) for a highly targeted search.

German government-recognized entities providing support for the gifted and talented (Begabtenförderungswerke)

The biggest providers of scholarships, fellowships and grants in Germany are the recognized entities that provide support for the gifted and talented under the auspices of political parties, trade unions and churches. These major aid-providing institutions consider various aspects when selecting recipients of aid, including not only qualifications and social involvement, but also worldview considerations. One exception is the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, which is independent of political party or religious affiliation.

Aside from the recipient’s political party or religious affiliation, there is another important selection criterion for these institutions, which receive funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF): Applicants must be able to speak German.

For an overview of these organizations, please consult the shared StipendiumPlus website.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards scholarships, fellowships and grants to German doctoral candidates who wish to go abroad and international doctoral candidates coming to Germany.

The DAAD is the first point of contact for international applicants for doctoral programs who are looking for a scholarship, fellowship or grant.

German doctoral candidates at TUM can apply for a DAAD scholarship, fellowship or grant to finance a stay at a foreign university as visiting researchers. The DAAD website offers a wealth of information on scholarships, fellowships and grants offered by the DAAD and other providers.

Bavarian Higher Education Centers

The Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST) oversees the scholarship, fellowship, grant and mobility programs offered by the Free State of Bavaria and its partner countries in Eastern Europe. Doctoral candidates can apply for mobility aid for stays at an institution for research purposes and for yearlong scholarships, fellowships and grants for doctoral study at TUM.

The Bavarian Academic Center for China (BayCHINA) views itself as an institution that oversees concrete encounters between students and teaching staff from both partners, provides advice on cooperation in research and teaching activities and maintains and fosters ties with Chinese institutions, scholars, researchers and scientists. Doctoral candidates who are planning a longer-term stay in China can apply for various programs, including government scholarships offered by the China Scholarship Council.