Support for projects relating to doctoral research

This page lists current project support options offered by TUM in whose case the inclusion of junior scholars and scientists plays a key role.

There are also a number of support options at the EU level and the German federal and state levels. For detailed individual advice on support for research and how to apply, please contact TUM Research Funding & Technology Transfer (TUM ForTe).

Internal TUM project funding

International Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) offers professors from various disciplines and departments the opportunity to apply for and receive funding for an interdisciplinary project involving multiple doctoral candidates.

For more on this type of funding and application deadlines, please visit the IGSSE website.

Munich School of Engineering: TUM Applied Technology Forum

The TUM Applied Technology Forum (ATF) at the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) is a doctoral program for graduates of master’s degree programs at selected universities of applied sciences (HAWs).

Each project is applied for and supervised by a team of researchers comprising supervisors from the specific university of applied sciences and TUM. Doctoral projects falling within the range of topics covered by the MSE are eligible.

For detailed information, please visit the MSE website.