Improving Doctoral Supervision at TUM

The Technical University of Munich strives to play a leading role in supporting and developing its personnel. One key element of the support the university provides for junior scholars and scientists is good supervision for doctoral candidates. TUM offers a number of qualification options to achieve this.

Doctoral Supervisor Training

This two-day workshop is geared primarily toward young professors and postdocs. Its goal is to inform supervisors of international trends in doctoral supervision and to offer them a platform for professional dialogue.

During the workshop, presentations on subjects such as the design of the supervisory relationship and selection of promising applicants offer fresh impetus. Roundtable discussions and peer group coaching give participants an opportunity to share their experiences with one another.

Would you like to attend the workshop? Questions? Mr. Christoph Steber will be happy to help you by e-mail or phone (+

TUM Supervisory Award

The Supervisory Award recognizes excellence in the support of next-generation academic talent since 2018 and is awarded by the Graduate Council of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the body representing the university’s doctoral candidates. The TUM Graduate School funds the 5,000 Euro prize money, which must be channeled to the benefit of the doctoral candidates.

TUM Tenure Track Academy

The TUM Tenure Track Academy is a cross-department platform to promote networking and integration among TUM Assistant Professors. Many of the seminars and workshops offered teach skills that are relevant to PhD supervisors and young supervisors. These include courses such as:

  • Supervision and Leadership. Supervising Junior Researchers
  • Effective Leadership of Research Groups
  • Finding Talent. Recruiting Outstanding Research Groups
  • Academic and Scientific Integrity. Balancing Autonomy and Responsibility in Scientific Practice

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy offered by the Chair of Research and Science Management offers selected courses for professors and executive managers within research organizations. The courses offered range from leadership training to best practice workshops. Course offerings are updated every semester.

In addition to participating in general course offerings, you can also earn certification. For current information and contact details, please see the chair website.


ProLehre offers various continuing education and professional training options for professors. There is robust demand for seminars on teaching at the university level, especially those that offer certification. ProLehre also offers transferable skills courses on subjects such as presentation and rhetoric skills, intercultural communications and holding discussions.