TUM Graduate School Financial Support

The TUM Graduate School offers doctoral candidates financial support for international stays abroad. There are also short-term scholarships and grants to provide bridge financing at the start or end of a candidate’s doctoral research phase. TUM-GS does not offer any regular doctoral scholarships, fellowships or grants or job opportunities for doctoral candidates. For general information about the basic financing for a doctoral project, please see the “Funding & Awards“ menu item under “Individual Funding.”

At the start of doctoral research

Bridge Financing Grant

The TUM-GS Bridge Financing Grant was established to support outstanding graduates of TUM master’s degree programs who plan to embark on doctoral research at TUM. The grant offers financial support between when a candidate starts his/her academic research work immediately after earning the master’s degree and when the actual doctoral financing starts. Applicants are considered for selection based on performance-related criteria and on significant involvement outside their specific disciplines, for example in the social realm. Applications from women, people with migration backgrounds, and people with special personal circumstances are especially welcome.

The grant provides funding of 1,000 euros per month, plus a family supplement of 150 euros per month per child. The grant is provided for a maximum of three months.

During doctoral research

TUM-GS Internationalization Support

TUM-GS supports international and intercultural cooperation in research and efforts to build global networks. Doctoral candidates can apply for a total of up to 3,000 euros from funds set aside to support internationalization. Some graduate centers also provide support beyond this amount. For an overview of requirements and other rules, please see the section on "Internationalization".

Partnership Mobility Grant

The TUM Graduate School supports international networking and subject-specific dialogue among doctoral candidates with strategic partner universities. Via the TUM-GS Partnership Mobility Grant, TUM-GS members can apply for a one-time supplement to their travel expenses to attend subject-specific courses, summer schools, workshops and similar events and/or for longer research stays (at least four weeks) at partner universities within the scope of the EuroTech and GlobalTech Universities Alliance and with a number of other partner universities.

The TUM-GS Partnership Mobility Grant is a one-time supplement to the travel expenses. Within the scope of the grant, costs that have already been incurred before the travel begins for things like flights, rail tickets, and similar items are eligible for reimbursement in the amount of  

  • up to EUR 500 for travel within Europe
  • up to EUR 1,000 for travel outside Europe

upon presentation of corresponding documentation.

The TUM-GS Partnership Mobility Grant can be combined with regular TUM-GS Internationalization Support.

Diversity Supplement Travel Grant

The TUM-GS Diversity Supplement Travel Grant supports subject-specific internationalization measures by doctoral candidates with family obligations and/or special health/other needs. The Diversity Supplement Travel Grant is a supplement to the travel expenses incurred for family members (e.g. child(ren)) of doctoral candidates who absolutely must travel with the candidates due to special circumstances. Doctoral candidates who face significant additional costs when traveling due to physical disabilities or special needs or other special circumstances can also apply for this supplement. The doctoral candidate can apply for up to 500 euros per trip for the travel expenses actually incurred. Applications are submitted directly to the TUM-GS Management Office.

Initiative Grant

Initiative, interdisciplinary cooperation and social skills are sought-after qualities among TUM graduates who apply for positions in their field and for management positions. The TUM Graduate School promotes these skills with the new Initiative Grant, which enables financial support for organization of interdisciplinary workshops of doctoral candidates and similar events and for initiatives by doctoral candidates and social projects. The amount of the support provided is geared toward the type of event, up to a maximum of EUR 2,000 per activity.

At the end of doctoral research

Degree Completion Grant

The TUM Graduate School Degree Completion Grant is offered to support doctoral candidates from all disciplines during the final phase of their doctoral studies. The goal of this grant is, in particular, to support doctoral candidates whose doctoral studies have been delayed due to pregnancy, parental leave, raising children, severe chronic disease/health problems, caring for family members or volunteer commitments.

The TUM-GS Degree Completion Grant amounts to EUR 1,200 for three months. A distinction is made between doctoral candidates who are employed by TUM and those who are not:

Doctoral candidates employed by TUM (info sheet) 

  • Contract extension for up to three months:
    TUM-GS co-finances contract extensions (typically at least 50% TV-L E13) with up to EUR 1,200 per month for a maximum of three months. The chair or department is supposed to make up the difference.

  • Contract extension for up to six months:
    TUM-GS co-finances contract extensions (typically at least 50% TV-L E13) with up to EUR 600 per month for a maximum of six months. The chair or department is supposed to make up the difference.

Doctoral candidates not employed by TUM (e.g. recipients of a scholarship, fellowship or grant) (info sheet)

  • Grants for up to three months:
    The grant in the amount of EUR 1,200 per month is awarded for a maximum of three months.

  • Grants for up to six months:
    As part of a co-financing arrangement with the chair or department, applications for a grant of EUR 1,200 per month can be submitted for up to six months. TUM-GS assumes EUR 600 per month out of that amount. The chair or department assumes the remaining EUR 600.