Proofreading service

What is the proofreading service?

The TUM Graduate School provides financing for all doctoral candidates to obtain professional, subject-related proofreading service for scholarly and scientific articles in English. The service includes the following:

  • Proofreading by native English speakers with a background in the subject or a related area
  • Correction of spelling and expression
  • Specialized proofreader from a discipline related to the subject
  • Texts returned within three business days
  • Comments made in tracked changes mode in Word or PDF
  • Individual feedback sheet

How can doctoral candidates use the proofreading service?

Doctoral candidates who have prepared an article in English for first submission to a reviewed journal can send it to their specific Graduate Center. Each Graduate Center also offers a request form for this service on its website.

After three to four business days, doctoral candidates receive their article back with corrections. They also receive feedback on their linguistic strengths and weaknesses.

Articles must be for first submission to journals with a peer review process. This service is free of charge to members of the TUM Graduate School. Detailed instructions for submitting articles to be corrected can be found on the “Proofreading service” information sheet.