Welcome Services

Welcome Office

If you supervise international applicants, the TUM-GS Welcome Office can support you with the following services:

  • Help with finding a place to live
  • Advice on entering the country and obtaining a visa
  • Advice on the application process, registering as a doctoral candidate and regulations  
  • Cultural events

If you have agreed to supervise an international applicant, you are welcome to refer him/her to the Welcome Office as soon as possible. This makes it possible to deal with potential problems with visas, application documents or finding housing early on.

The Welcome Office is also happy to advise all doctoral candidates and supervisors on general matters regarding doctoral regulations.

Accomodation Service

Munich is a city with great quality of life and a dynamic local economy. The Bavarian metropolitan center exerts a steady pull, so for years now, more people have moved to the area than new housing has been built to accommodate them. The result is well known: Housing is in short supply, with rents rising quickly.

In this situation, many international doctoral candidates have a hard time finding housing in Munich. On top of that, many do not learn until too late that they need to arrange for their own housing and that TUM does not have own student housing to offer.

The TUM Graduate School offers an Accommodation Service for international doctoral candidates. We cannot provide direct referrals to apartments or guarantee housing, but we have built a network of landlords and institutions that often has something suitable to offer to housing seekers.

With this in mind, please be sure to refer new international doctoral candidates to the Accommodation Service of TUM-GS early on.