Organizational Processes at the TUM Graduate School

Strategic and Operative Committees, Reporting and Controlling
The objectives and tasks of TUM-GS are defined, implemented, monitored and evaluated by the committees described in the Statutory Regulations. The Graduate Dean is obliged to report to the University Board of Management. Via the Graduate Council, the doctoral candidates have a voice on both the TUM-GS and university level.

Process Management
The organizational processes and procedures at the TUM-GS as well as the interfaces to other TUM institutions are evaluated, revised, and improved as needed on a regular basis. The aim is to increase customer satisfaction and optimize the utilization of resources.
In order to ensure the quality of work at the TUM-GS Management Office and in the Graduate Centers, quality management topics are discussed in workshops held on a regular basis.

Managing Doctoral Candidates
Since 01-01-2014, the DocGS online platform has enabled standardized, IT-supported recording and management of the doctoral candidates and doctoral process. The DocGS platform is used by the doctoral candidates, deans’ offices, and TUM-GS institutions alike. It facilitates the collection of data and statistics for the monitoring, controlling and strategic supervision of the doctoral program at TUM. In addition, starting in 2017, the Hochschulstatistikgesetz (German Higher Education Statistics Act) will require the reporting of extensive data on current and completed doctoral projects.

Internal/External Evaluations
The offers and services of TUM Graduate School are evaluated through regular surveys of the users and course participants, and are optimized on a continuous basis. The evaluations extend to both the content of the offers and services (courses, proofreading service, etc.) as well as the appointed trainers and coaches.

International Benchmarking
The doctoral education and training program at TUM is aligned with the best international standards, and in turn actively shapes them as well. Accordingly, TUM-GS is a member of national and international networks such as UniWind, European University Association, and the Council of Graduate Schools.

Personnel Development
The employees at the TUM-GS Management Office continue their education in TUM-internal and external courses on an ongoing basis. In addition, four employees are trained as prospective Science Managers in the Science Management Qualification Program, a two-year structured qualification program.