Visiting researchers


Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Remco Dijkman Resource Allocation in Administrative Processes: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach Seminar
Prof. Péter Bíró

Optimisation in two-sided matching markets under preferences



Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Benjamin Moseley New Directions on Algorithms with Predictions Seminar
Prof. Axel Parmentier An introduction to combinatorial optimization augmented machine learning Seminar
Prof. Lars Peter Berling The unit tracking approach for new and old inventory control problems Seminar
Prof. Nadia Lahrichi

Stochastic tabu search and improvements, application for physician scheduling

Prof. Kate Smith-Miles

Optimization in the Darkness of Uncertainty: when you don't know what you don't know, and what you do know isn't much!

Prof. Sophie Parragh Column generation based approaches for the electric autonomous dial-a-ride problem Seminar
Prof. Rad Niazadeh From Offline Greedy Algorithms to Online Learning: Theory and Applications Seminar
PD Dr. Timo Berthold Machine Learning inside MIP solvers Seminar
Prof. David Bergman Decision Diagrams, with an Application to Transportation Scheduling Seminar
Prof. Dolores Romero Morales

Explainable Machine Learning for a Fairer High-Stakes Decision Making

Prof. Margaretha Gansterer

Collaborative Transportation for Attended Home Deliveries



Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Andreas Wiese

Approximation algorithms for packing problems

Prof. Alexander Martin Mixed Integer Optimization Problems on Networks with PDE Constraints Seminar
Prof. Martin Schmidt

Bilevel Optimization: Some Basics, the European Gas Market and Uncertainty, and an Open Research Problem

Prof. Clemens Thielen An Analysis of the Stability of Hinterland Container Transport Cooperation Seminar
Prof. Santanu S. Dey Theoretical and computational analysis of sizes of branch-and-bound trees Seminar
Prof. Marco Montali Process Reasoning and Mining with Uncertainty Seminar
Prof. Vahideh Manshadi Fair Dynamic Rationing Seminar
Prof. Dario Paccagnan Two birds with one stone: optimal approximation for integral routing and congestion pricing Seminar


Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Andrea Lodi

Cutting Plane Generation Through Sparse Principal Component Analysis


Prof. Karl Dörner

Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for the Contagious Disease Testing Problem Seminar
Prof. Nilay Noyan

Two-stage Stochastic Programming under Multivariate Risk Constraints

Prof. Itai Ashlagi

Stochastic Price Adaptation, Waiting Lists, and Stochastic Gradient Descent

Prof. Tugce Martagan Improving Access to New Biopharmaceuticals: Operational and Strategic Insights Seminar
Prof. Serpil Sayın

Representations of the Nondominated Set in Multiobjective Optimization

Prof. Simge Küçükyavuz Mixed-Integer Convex Programming for Statistical Learning Seminar
Prof. Ho-Yin Mak Dimensionality Reduction for Stochastic Optimization Seminar
Prof. Reha Uzsoy Fast Approximate Solutions for Capacitated Production Planning Under Uncertain Demand Seminar
Prof. Ana Barbosa-Póvoa Designing and Planning Sustainable Supply Chains Seminar


Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Thibaut Vidal Born-Again Tree Ensembles: Seeing the Forest for the Trees Seminar
Prof. Margarida Carvalho Correlated, Nash and Stackelberg for integer programming representable games Seminar
Prof. Bissan Ghaddar Conic Relaxations for Optimal Power Flow Problems Retreat 2020
Prof. Marlin Ulmer Stochastic Dynamic Vehicle Routing Retreat 2020
Prof. Alexander Teytelboym The Equilibrium Existence Duality: Equilibrium with Indivisibilities & Income Effects Seminar
Prof. Dirk Briskorn Grantry Crane Scheduling in Seaports Invited talk
Prof. Alexander Hübner Food Supply Chain Management Seminar
Prof. Teodor Crainic Service Network Design and Planning Two-tier City Logistics Systems Seminar


Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Haldun Aytug Bidding in Keyword Auctions Seminar
Prof. Stefan Helber Pros and cons of service level metrics for stochastic lot sizing models Seminar
Prof. Nils Boysen E-commerce warehousing: Order fulfillment in modern retailing Seminar
Dr. Thomas Lidbetter A search game on a hypergraph with booby traps Seminar
Prof. Gudrun Kiesmüller Guest Talk Retreat 2019
Prof. Sven Seuken Machine Learning-powered Iterative Combinatorial Auctions Seminar
Prof. Stephan Held Mathematical Innovations for Efficient Computer Chips Seminar
Prof. Benny Moldovanu A Theory of Auctions with Endogenous Valuations Seminar
Prof. Georg Pflug Ambiguity and distributionally robustness in stochastic optimization Seminar
Prof. Tobias Harks Dynamic Flows with Adaptive Route Choice Seminar
Prof. Grazia Speranza Operations research in transportation and supply chain management Seminar
Prof. Arie Koster Robust Optimization in Energy and Communication Networks Seminar


Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Ruud Teunter Condition-Based Production and Maintenance Planning Seminar
Prof. Alf Kimms Exploiting the Principle of Local Value for Modeling Ordered Objects Seminar
Prof. Jonathan F. Bard Use of Integer Programming Techniques to Solve Real World Planning and Scheduling Problems PhD Workshop
Prof. Rolf Möhring Online Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic Seminar
Prof. Samir Khuller On Algorithmic Questions motivated by Data Center Schedulin Seminar
Prof. Immanuel Bomze Trust your data or not - Standard remains Standard (QP); implications for robust clustering in social networks Seminar
Prof. Aleksandar Pekeč Approximately Optimal Policies for Assemble-to-Order Systems: A Primal-Dual Approach Seminar


Name Title of presentation Presentation type
Prof. Nesim K. Erkip Supply Chains for Public-interest goods Seminar